Keeping you up to date with your child’s education is important to us.

There is a weekly newsletter sent out in book bags each week, which is also available to download from our website.

 NewsletterNewsletter Date
Headteacher Introduction Letter23rd July 2020
Summer Newsletter 3623rd July 2020
Online Safety Newsletter23rd July 2020
Full return to school September 202017th July 2020
Summer Newsletter 3517th July 2020
Summer Newsletter 3410th July 2020
Summer Newsletter 333rd July 2020
Summer Newsletter 3226th June 2020
Phase 2 Return 29th June 2020 Parent Letter23rd June 2020
Collection of Children's Books Summer 202023rd June 2020
Summer Newsletter 3119th June 2020
Second Phase Opening Letter to Parents12th June 2020
Summer Newsletter 3012th June 2020
Summer Newsletter 295th June 2020
Summer Newsletter 2822nd May 2020
Nursery Parent Letter Return to School 1 June 202020th May 2020
Parent Letter Return to School 1 June 202020th May 2020
Out of Lockdown Parent Update 113th May 2020
Summer Newsletter 2715th May 2020
Summer Newsletter 267th May 2020
Summer Newsletter 251st May 2020
Summer Newsletter 2424th April 2020
Spring Newsletter 2313th March 2020
Spring Newsletter 226th March 2020
Spring Newsletter 2128th February 2020
Spring Newsletter 2014th February 2020
Spring Newsletter 197th February 2020
Spring Newsletter 1831st January 2020
Spring Newsletter 1724th January 2020
Spring Newsletter 1617th January 2020
Spring Newsletter 1510th January 2020
Autumn Newsletter 1420th December 2019
Autumn Newsletter 1313th December 2019
Autumn Newsletter 126th December 2019
Autumn Newsletter 1128th November 2019
Autumn Newsletter 1022nd November 2019
Autumn Newsletter 0915th November 2019
Autumn Newsletter 088th November 2019
Autumn Newsletter 071st November 2019
Autumn Newsletter 0617th October 2019
Autumn Newsletter 0511th October 2019
Autumn Newsletter 044th October 2019
Autumn Newsletter 0327th September 2019
Autumn Newsletter 0220th September 2019
Autumn Newsletter 0113th September 2019