School Closures

Sometimes it is necessary to close the school at very short notice.

The main reason for this is usually as a result of property damage caused by inclement weather or access issues as a result of heavy snow/ice etc. St Martin’s School will carefully consider all circumstances and options before taking the decision to close the school.

We will post on our school Facebook page and on our website that the school is closed, if closure is unavoidable.

A message will also be sent via the MYEd app for any closure, so please sign up via this link to ensure that you receive any message.

In addition to this, the Local Authority and local radio stations will be informed of the closure and parents are urged to check the Cornwall Council website and listen to local radio to receive up to date information. A full list of closed schools can be found at:

Cornwall Council Guidance:
School Closures – A Guide for Parents

You may also find the following website useful:
Cornwall Snow Advice