Physical Education

At St Martin’s School, we believe that PE and Sport play an integral part in supporting our children to challenge themselves.

St Martins C of E Primary School – Physical Education


Intent Statement:


At St Martins C of E Primary School, our vision is to encourage children to engage in a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of physical activity. Through Physical Education, the children are given many opportunities to practice and display some of our key christian values of courage, adventure and togetherness. Our staff and children are enthusiastic about PE and this is shown through high quality teaching and learning. We pride ourselves in helping our children identify and grow their talents, whilst developing into confident and competent learners across a broad range of physical activities. This is achieved by providing our children with a broad, exciting and inclusive curriculum that inspires them to succeed and thrive in competitive sports and other physically-demanding outdoor activities. Our children are exposed to many sporting opportunities, including regular tournaments at both inter and intra school competitions and sporting festivals which support them in demonstrating sportsmanship and leadership values. In addition, our staff offer lunchtime and after-school clubs which contribute to the extensive range of physical activities on offer and further supports the children to flourish and thrive in a safe and happy environment. We firmly believe that PE is at the heart of a child’s health and well-being and continually work towards ensuring that health education is an integral part of the teaching of PE within our school.



To successfully embed our Physical Education values at St Martins C of E Primary School, the staff and children are involved with the following:


  • Raising the profile of PE and sport across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.
  • Celebrating sporting success within PE by awarding a sportsperson of the week award each week.
  • Providing each year group with at least 2 hours of fun and high quality PE lessons each week and encouraging children to take part in a minimum of 30 active minutes daily by providing a varied menu of activities.
  • Subject lead and teachers reference and discuss the effects and benefits of exercise on the body within lessons.
  • Having a well balanced menu for the children to choose from at lunchtimes and providing healthy snacks at break times for all children.
  • Looking at a healthy diet within Science lessons from Year 2 and identifying what types of food our body needs.
  • Increased participation in competitive sports through partnerships and internal resources.
  • All staff having access to Imoves to allow for active lessons to facilitate well-being of children.
  • Resources are audited on a regular basis and new resources for new sports are to be purchased through Sports Premium funding.
  • Reception children take part in Forest School and learn positive behaviours and teamwork.
  • All children have access to outdoor learning opportunities through Wild Tribe sessions, Outdoor Adventurous Activities lessons or other learning activities.
  • Range of extra curricular clubs and activities offered throughout the school to enhance physical activity opportunities.
  • Children are taken on extra curricular trips including Cycling, Climbing and Walking activities.
  • Children are exposed to Alternative Sports Days and Sports Clubs from external coaches and subject lead.



Our Physical Education curriculum is high quality and extensively planned to demonstrate progression throughout the years. We understand the wider importance of PE and our planning captures and supports the physical milestones of a child’s motor and cognitive development. We measure the impact of our curriculum through the following methods:


  • Teachers assessments take place through observation during lessons using FFT tracking assessment tool to monitor progress, identify gaps and allow for teaching and learning to be adapted and targeted for all individuals.
  • Teachers make annual assessments of effort and achievement for each child as part of the child’s report to parents.
  • A curriculum map and curriculum provision map are in place to show the progressive stages the children access as they move through the school.
  • The subject leaders ensure that the PE curriculum is delivered to a high quality throughout the school through regular professional development meetings and training as well as lesson observations, monitoring visits and discussion with staff and pupils.
  • Pupil consultation is carried out on a termly basis with the student council to monitor the impact of PE and identify changes which need to be made for continuous improvement. 
  • A monitoring tool ‘Absolute Education’ is used to monitor and track participation in after school clubs, physical activity sessions and competitions.
  • Take part in inter school competitions within the St Barnabas Multi Academy Trust to further develop fundamental skills and engage in further competition.
  • The school offers intra school competitions in school on a termly basis to observe the skills taught throughout one of the schemes of work for that term.

PE in KS1

We focus on the children’s fundamental abilities, these cover the most important skills young children need to develop in order to progress onto more difficult skills later in their education; throwing, catching, controlling their own body weight and moving efficiently in a variety of ways including jumping, twisting, rolling etc. We aim to progress the children’s skills and knowledge by exposing them to as many different sports and activities as possible within the curriculum. Year 1 focuses on ball skills, fundamental movements and target skills within different invasion games whilst Year 2 enables children to engage in Dodgeball, Benchball, Rugby and Football. Children in Year 2 will also get a block of swimming lessons during the Autumn Term. Furthermore, Key Stage 1 PE gives the children a chance to learn about Health and Exercise, Problem Solving, Gymnastics, Dance, Athletics and Cricket. 

PE in KS2

There is a focus on games and strategic skills. Our specialist PE Teacher aims to develop quality skills in a range of sports including Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Football, Tennis, Badminton and Rounders. We build on the skills learnt each year as we make links between previous sports taught – the basic principles of attacking and defending remain particularly constant throughout all invasion and team sports. Children in Year 6 will also get a block of swimming lessons during the Summer Term. We also include sports children have shown a particular interest in including Alternative Sports (Boccia, Lacrosse and Archery), Tri Golf, Danish Longball and Gaelic Football. Finally, the children continue to develop fundamental skills and knowledge through Gymnastics, Dance, Health and Exercise, Athletics and Outdoor Adventurous Activities. 

As pupils move into Upper KS2, they are encouraged to develop leadership skills within sports. They are given training and opportunities to support PE events with KS1 children within the school and across the MAT.




Swimming, particularly in Cornwall, is a fundamental skill for all children. At St Martin’s we offer this to our children when they reach the end of each Key Stage (Year 2 and Year 6). It is expected that all pupils will be able to swim 25 metres unaided by the end of KS2, as well as using a range of strokes effectively and being able to perform safe self rescue in water.


PE Kit Expectations


Children are expected to have a PE kit for all lessons. This is important for all year groups from foundation to year 6 as it enables children to learn a vital skill set and allows them to develop their movement patterns and skills safely and effectively. Their PE kit should consist of:



We advise that children prepare for outdoor PE as we try to get outside whenever possible, sometimes in cold, damp weather. Pupils are allowed to wear plain black leggings or jogging bottoms and a jumper if the weather is particularly cold.


PE Competition/Fixture Reports & Updates

At St Martin’s we are members of the ARENA sports network and take part in a number of local competitions including the local cross country leagues. We hold a sports day to conclude our year which parents are invited to then join us for a picnic on the field after the event. In addition, our PE specialist teacher organises inter sport competitions each term for both KS1 and KS2 children to engage in. Schools from St Barnabas Trust all attend these events and compete against each other to try and qualify for the finals and win their school a trophy. These competitions include sports such as Football, Dodgeball, Netball, Basketball, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Multi Skills and Cricket. Finally, the trust also offers children from its schools the opportunity to attend elite sporting events throughout the year including trips to watch and meet the players at Plymouth Patriots Basketball and Exeter Chiefs Rugby teams. 

We aim to keep you updated with all our sporting news via our Website & Facebook pages in addition to updates in our weekly school newsletter. Following the announcement by the government in June 2013 that funding would be provided until 2020 to improve the provision of PE and Sport in Primary schools; we are committed to using the funding to develop high quality PE lessons, resources and opportunities for every child, across the curriculum and beyond.

How we are spending the money?

  • Extending School Sports Coordinator Role
  • Enhancing after school sports clubs by providing planning time for schools across the trust to access high quality sports provision including clubs for all age groups
  • Offering a wider range of sports within the curriculum with high quality resources
  • PE Specialist teacher support for staff
  • Courses to support professional development including TAs
  • Resources and equipment to promote active playtimes and healthier choice
  • Improving and enhancing opportunities for inter and intra school competitions, including providing trips to high level sporting events
  • Provide continued professional development opportunities in school where needed to all staff
  • Continue to improve the skills of children across a range of sports
  • Identify gifted & talented children in sport and extend opportunities for them


PE at Home


It is important to stay as active as possible each day to support both mental and physical well being. Here are a range of activities that can be accessed by all children at home and will help develop the skills that are being utilised within PE and Sport within school.


Key Stage 1

KS1 PE Activities and Challenges

KS1 PE Challenge Card


Extra KS1 PE Activities and Challenges

Extra KS1 PE Challenge Card


Key Stage 2 

KS2 PE Activities and Challenges

KS2 PE Challenge Card


Extra KS2 PE Activities and Challenges

Extra KS2 PE Challenge Card